Who is "Haley.Lifts" ?


My name is Haley Lawlor, also known as "Haley.Lifts". I am college student at the University of New England studying Health, Wellness, and Occupational Studies. After I receive my BA, I hope to receive a masters in Public Health.

I am passionate about getting more women in the gym, teaching the importance of self-love as well as self-care, leadership, helping people realize how awesome they are, and growing into the best version of myself - with the people around me in the process. I am 21 years old, and am from a small little town in Central Vermont.


For the past three years my life has changed for the better. Developing a fitness routine of mainly powerlifting, but also yoga, and bodybuilding movements, has truly changed my life. My passion for helping others and wellness lead to the path that I am on now.

I want to assist others in identifying and transforming into their BEST selves, and to live their BEST lives possible, while I do the same besides them.




I believe that our approach to wellness needs to be multi-dimentional, and in order to be our BEST selves, we need to cater to each dimension. I am passionate about teaching women to start integrating self-care and a "healthy" lifestyle through the many aspects of wellness. 

One of my life missions is to emphasize these three messages:

1. You are enough, as you are, in this exact moment. 

2. You are stronger than you think, physically AND mentally. 

3. You are AWESOME !!!

So, I invite you: join my journey. 

This is ours. 

Lets nourish ourselves multidimensionally, so that we can flourish, together.