You Have Reached My Blog - Now What? 8 DIMENTIONS OF WELLNESS

You Have Reached My Blog - Now What?


Before I decided to take the jump to not only start my own website, but a blog as well, I spent a while contemplating why I wanted to do this, and more specifically, what I could offer to those around me.

First, and foremost, this blog is centered around my identified passions: fitness, self-love, self-care, leadership, helping people realizing how AWESOME they are, and growing into the best version of myself.

Although I cannot offer a “magic fix” for any problem fitness or health related in your life, I can offer you what I have found works for me, my knowledge behind wellness and health (that’s my major) , and in my opinion what steps I have personally taken that has changed my entire life.

Before encompassing lifestyle that prioritized wellness, I was less happy, less motivated, and frankly less awesome. Catering to my multidimensional wellness has allowed me to begin to grow in many areas of my life.

I challenge you to grow with me, and here is how. I have listed below the 8 dimensions and examples of healthy practices within each. 

1 - PHYSICAL: Encompassing nutrition, sleep, self-care habits, and exercise to prevent disease and promote health

Examples of Goals: 

  • Drinking 8 cups of water a day
  • 1 minute dance party once a week (trust me)

2 - EMOTIONAL: Being able to balance one’s feelings, and truly allow oneself to feel. Also being able to manage stress.

Examples of Goals: 

  • Asking for help when it's needed
  • Writing out a gratitude list daily

3 - INTELLECTUAL: Learning as well as stimulation throughout one’s life, engaging in activities that allow growth.

Examples of Goals:

  • Attending local events and workshops
  • Reading

4 - SOCIAL: The ability to create and maintain relationships that have significance and meaning.

Examples of Goals:

  • Say "Yes" to more invitations
  • Reaching out and letting a friend know you're thinking of them

5 - ENVIRONMENTAL: Being aware of the impact of one’s actions on the environment, as well as being able to live in a secure / safe setting.

Examples of Goals:

  • Using a reusable water bottle 
  • Designated time to be outside in nature

6 - OCCUPATIONAL: Pursuing a career that not only provides financial stability, but a sense of self-worth. This could also include daily activities or volunteer services.

Examples of Goals:

  • An exciting goal to work towards
  • Develop a passion project

7 - SPIRITUAL: Being in tune and able to reflect on one’s priorities and morals. Radiating positive energy, as well as choosing to be surrounded by uplifting energy.

Examples of Goals:

  • Meditation
  • Being present in conversation (not thinking about what is next)

8 - FINANCIAL: Smart spending, and having a mature relationship with money, being aware of long-term, as well as short-term needs.


  • Track spending (I use the app Mint)
  • Sell clothes that are not worn




Haley Lawlor