Want a Happy Life? Read This Post.

Want a Happy Life? Read This Post. 

As I type away on this plane, I can’t help to think about how wonderful 2018 has treated me so far.

2017 was a whirlwind of a year, and 2018 (also referred as two-thousand-and-GREAT-teen) was the light at the end of the tunnel for me. If I could get through 2017, life would be golden.

So far, it really has. 

I believe the power of a positive mindset really can change one’s life. Looking on the bright side of life is a decision we chose to make each and every single day.  No matter what the case is, we will have aspects of our lives that are less than ideal. We will always come in contact with disappointment, stress, and sadness at times. These emotions are normal, and experiencing them doesn’t equate to having a bad life. 

We choose how we deal with what the world throws at us, and we make the decision every day to focus on the good or focus on the bad. When something goes wrong in our lives I notice that we tend to dwell on it, fixate on it, and really emphasize how things are going poorly. When something goes well, sure we celebrate it, but why do good things have less of an impact on our days than bad?


I believe this year has gone great because I wake up believing that it is going to. I am choosing to celebrate this life and fixate on the positive, rather than the negative. Did I just pay 6,000 dollars out of pocket towards my tuition? Yes. Did I just board an airplane to leave my beautiful (inside and out) grandmother for three months? Yes. Those things I could easily be saddened by. 

But in the same few days, I was made aware I am apart of the top 10% of my class, didn’t have to take out an extra loan for college, and got to road trip and create wonderful memories with the same woman I said goodbye to today.

Life is about perspective. 

We chose the quality of life we live. 



Haley Lawlor